Re: Assertion error, code 8

From: Raul Cicuendez <raulcigil@xxxxxxxxx>
To: mongodb-user <mongodb-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 May 2016 02:08:41 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi, more info about the question

* I'm running the mongodb server on windows 64bits
* The data folder only contains one database which has 3,45GB of disk space

* The log when mongodb starts:

2016-05-12T17:10:29.705+0200 W STORAGE  [initandlisten] database 
E:\XTRAE\MongoDB\data\db xtrae15 could not be opened due to DBException 0: 
assertion C:\data\mci\src\src\mongo/util/concurrency/rwlock.h:170
2016-05-12T17:10:29.706+0200 I STORAGE  [initandlisten] exception in 
initAndListen: 0 assertion 
C:\data\mci\src\src\mongo/util/concurrency/rwlock.h:170, terminating
2016-05-12T17:10:29.706+0200 I CONTROL  [serviceStopWorker] now exiting
2016-05-12T17:10:29.706+0200 I NETWORK  [serviceStopWorker] shutdown: going 
to close listening sockets...
2016-05-12T17:10:29.706+0200 I NETWORK  [serviceStopWorker] shutdown: going 
to flush diaglog...
2016-05-12T17:10:29.706+0200 I NETWORK  [serviceStopWorker] shutdown: going 
to close sockets...
2016-05-12T17:10:29.706+0200 I STORAGE  [serviceStopWorker] shutdown: 
waiting for fs preallocator...
2016-05-12T17:10:29.706+0200 I STORAGE  [serviceStopWorker] shutdown: 
closing all files...
2016-05-12T17:10:29.708+0200 I STORAGE  [serviceStopWorker] closeAllFiles() 
2016-05-12T17:10:29.708+0200 I STORAGE  [serviceStopWorker] shutdown: 
removing fs lock...
2016-05-12T17:10:29.708+0200 I CONTROL  [serviceStopWorker] dbexit:  rc: 49

Thanks, regards!

El martes, 10 de mayo de 2016, 14:31:32 (UTC+2), Raul Cicuendez escribió:

Hi, i need some help.
When i try to save a document to a collection, this error throws from an 
exception in c#.

{"WriteConcern detected an error 'assertion 
C:\data\mci\src\src\mongo/util/concurrency/rwlock.h:170'. (Response was { 
"ok" : 1, "code" : 8, "err" : "assertion 
:\\data\\mci\\src\\src\\mongo/util/concurrency/rwlock.h:170", "n" : 
NumberLong(0),  "updatedExisting" : false })."}

I think must to the document size, when i try to save a smaller document 
it saved correctly.

Thanks, best regards.

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